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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guinean Women raped by the army

...ECOWAS, AU and UN must prosecute Guinea Junta leaders

...A woman being stripped naked by a member of the Guinean army

West African leaders must take swift action against the junta leaders in Guinea for the massacre of innocent civilians and the raping of women by the Guinean army. There are horrific account of women being raped, stripped naked and shot dead by the ruthless Guinean army as indicated by the picture above where a woman has been stripped naked by a soldier. There are eyewitness account that claim soldiers inserted guns into the private parts of women and then shot them dead.

How long must such unprovoked attacks and unwarranted human rights violations continue in Africa? Are African leaders going to stand aloof while unarmed civilians are being murdered? Is ECOWAS and the AU going to keep quite again while another power hungry soldier slowly becomes a dictator as we have seen in Gambia, Central Africa Republic, Burkina Fasso, Niger, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Mauritania?

Is it not time for the rest of the world to demand that the days of impunity and human rights violations cannot continue any longer? West African leaders must send a strong message to the junta leaders that such violation of people's right cannot go unpunished. They must send a team of investigators into Guinea immediately to investigate and bring those who committed the atrocities to justice.

Therefore the leadership in West Africa must demand that the perpetrators of the carnage be brought to book immediately. The junta leaders must be forced to relinquish power and not seek for election. They must organize free and fair election and then return to the barracks. If they fail to do it then they must all be referred to the International Criminal Court for action to be taken against these them. What happened in Mauritania a couple of months ago must not be allowed in Guinea. I call on ECOWAS and its military wing the ECOMOG to act now and send a strong message to the Moussa Camara and his team of barbarians that they are not safe anywhere. I call on Kofi Annan and the eminent leaders in Africa to step in and speak for the victims. For now they can do as they pleased but the long arm of international justice will get them one day.

Below is the sadistic murder of a man by a soldier.

by Lord A. Adusei



  2. These criminals must be brought to book as soon as possible.

  3. All men are not created equal. The strong will always pray on the weak. It is in human nature.

  4. sorry friend it is not the strong who prey on the weak; it is the ORGANIZED that prey on the civilians, or unorganized peoples.