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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gaddafi is a traitor, a betrayal of the Africa Union and the Africa course

Like the rest of his colleagues in Gabon, Congo and Angola who have sold their birth rights, dignity and sovereignty to multinational corporation for dollars, Gaddafi has signed a land mark deal with Italy that will allow Libya to receive 5 billion dollars in investments from Italy over the next 25 years. For his part Gaddafi will arrest every African who tries to reach Italy by boat to seek greener pasture despite Gaddafi and his friends making life unbearable for the ordinary African.

In an act that resembles African traditional leaders selling their subjects to Europeans as slaves Gaddafi did not only agree to arrest Africans who want to cross the Mediterranean into Europe, he has also agreed to accept those arrested by Italy. His agreement with Italy is an indication that he is only seeking his selfish interest and is using the Africa Union for his own personal aggrandisement.

How on earth can the Chairman of Africa Union arrest people that he is suppose to protect on the orders of colonial power? If he is not a traitor then what is he? So far over thousand Africans have been arrested by Italian authorities and deported to Italy and we still do not know what has happened to them whether they have been released, deported or are in the notorious Libyan gulags.

He has shown that like his corrupt cohorts in Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Uganda, Congo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and Zimbabwe he is much more interested in money that human life. He has shown that he cannot be trusted as an African. He is the modern day slave collaborator, modern day slave guide who will guide the slave raider to where their unsuspecting victims live. Gaddafi who is a lifelong dictator should not have been made Chairman of AU in the first place. How can a dictator be made a chairman of a body as important as the AU? How can a person who oppresses his own people and denies them freedom of speech, association be made Chairman of a whole continent? I do not blame him. I blame the people of Libya who have tolerated his misguided government for quite so long.

While he and his corrupt friends in Africa are making life miserable for the ordinary African he is busy signing deals with European colonialists to arrest and maltreat the very people he and cabal of blood suckers, vampires and saboteurs have denied any hope of development and future. He does not deserve to be AU Chairman and should be shunned by the leaders who believe in defending Africa, its people and their interest. He should be shunned like he was shunned by the Arabs. He is a traitor, inward looking collaborator who does not deserve to have any role in the Africa or have any association with AU whatsoever.

He can go ahead and arrest Africans to please his colonial masters in Europe. He can go ahead and let his colonial masters rape his country of its oil wealth while he continues to preside over a poor, disunited and fragmented continent as a Chairman.

For now at least he does not represent me, or my country and I know he does not represent Africa or its people. He represents himself, his corrupt friends who make up the toothless AU.

By Lord Adusei

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