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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Africa: The past decade, and The next decade

Another decade is about to end and as usual we will be discussing Africa: the economy, the politics, social achievements, progress, development, failures, and what the next decade can offer Africa. To begin with Ghana established itself as the doyen of African politics after two successful power transfers between opposition and incumbent parties. South Africa emerged as the economic powerhouse of Africa becoming the only African country to be made a member of the G-20. South Africa successfully hosted the 2010 Fifa World Cup after been written off by western media commentators. Ghana surprised everyone in the 2010 world cup by reaching the quarter finals. Angola is poised to overtake Nigeria as Africa's largest oil exporter in the coming decade. But thanks to the greed in Wall Street and Capitol Hill many of the successes chalked had been eroded.

African leaders strongly rejected the US imposed AFRICOM but other countries are still secretly negotiating with the Americans. 

Goodluck Jonathan assumed the mantle of leadership in Nigeria he appears to be doing a marvelous job for Nigerians and Nigerians seem to approve the work done so far. But challenges remain. 

William Kamkwamba, a Malawian boy established himself as one of the best brains on earth after harnessing wind in his village to produce electricity.

Most of the corporate financed wars that plagued West Africa in the 1990s have ended especially those in Liberia, Sierra Leone. Rwanda is peaceful now. But Ivory Coast is spoiling the party for everyone due to the resumption of hostilities in that country. 

The International Criminal Court continues to target Africans using Africa as a test case. Ocampo indicted only Africans for trial living Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and the hawks in Washington who invaded and killed Iraqis.

The dictators refused to go except those struck by death. Dictators like Omar Bongo and Lansana Conte died and left their loots behind. Mugabe is still firmly in control after the 2008 carnage against opposition members and supporters. Many of the countries have shown real economic progress. 

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